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closed for the season

What are your hours of operation?  Closed for the season

What do you have available for picking right now?  Closed for the season

Do you offer wine tastings?  Yes, for a fee.


Is there an entrance fee?  No.

Do you accept Credit Cards? Yes, we accept all major credit/debit cards.  However, we charge a 3% convenience fee.

Do you allow pets?  Due to the safety of our customers, staff, and crops we do not allow pets on the premises.

Do you sell food? Yes. We have a selection of cheese spreads, hummus, and salsas with tortilla chips, gourmet crackers, and pita or pretzel chips and gourmet peanuts. We also have hand-dipped ice cream.

May we bring in our own food? Yes, for a convenience fee of $5.00/person (includes children). Feel free to bring picnic blankets or chairs as our picnic tables are on a first come first served basis. Please check in before setting up.

May we bring in our own beverages? We do not allow outside beverages. We have an assortment of wine, beer, sodas/sparkling water, juice boxes, and bottled water. And, don't forget about our "famous" peach slushies (with wine and without)!


Do you have restrooms available?  We have Port-a-Potties available.

Are you a non-smoking facility?  Yes. No smoking (including e-cigarettes/vaping) allowed.

Are we allowed to climb the trees, fences, farm equipment or anything else that looks fun to climb?  No, although we understand how being in an outside picturesque environment with tons of climbable elements would lead one to assume that climbing is is NOT!  Our trees are very fragile, and sometimes cannot even bear the weight of their own fruit. Our fences are fragile as well.  This policy has been implemented for your safety as well as to minimize damage to our farm.  Anyone climbing on anything will be asked to leave immediately!  

Are we allowed to swim, crab or fish in the bay? No.

Are we allowed to take pictures while visiting your farm?  Absolutely!  We encourage you to take pictures during your visit!  However, the use of props or professional camera equipment is absolutely prohibited.  If you are interested in a photo session please contact us for a quote.

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