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About Us

In 1977, the Martin family moved to Knotts Island from Virginia Beach, Virginia where they had a thriving Strawberry Farm. Upon their arrival they started their farm with Peaches and Scuppernong grapes. Over the past forty years they increased their crops to include apples, tomatoes, pumpkins and other fresh produce.


The extensive horticulture and viticulture knowledge of the Martin family along with North Carolina's coast of rich sandy soil overlooking the scenic Knotts Island Bay and a little help from Mother Nature have all played an integral part of the success of the farm.


In early 2017 the farm was acquired by a new family who want to preserve the nature of the farm. 


The Pavilion and Grounds are available to rent for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events.

About Us

“My family visits every year to pick apples in the fall and peaches in the summer, and wine tasting in between.

We love it!”

— Shannon

“This is a hidden gem”

— Lee

“Love this place!!!!!!

We make several trips a year

and are never disappointed.”

— Dana

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